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Thread: Cute or Tacky?

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    If not so obvious or very meaningful, theming isn't tacky but cute. For examples, it's fine for botanic scientists to have daughters Juniper and Rose but just to name kids Mercedes and Bentley - cheesy, cheesy, cheesy.

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    My boys all have New Testament names which I guess is sort of a theme. But if I run out of ones I like I'll branch off in another direction.

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    I'm on the fence on this. I think very obvious themes can work with twins. For example I know a pair called Ivy & Rose, and I think that's quite sweet together.

    Trying to force the same initial throughout a sibset, a la the Kardasians (eg. Khloe instead of Chloe), is tacky in my opinion.
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    I like subtle themes. Ruby and Esmeralda doesn't bother me. Wren and Raven is cheesy. Lily and Rose isn't horrible, but I wouldn't do it.

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    I find it kind of tacky when the connections are super obvious.
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