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Thread: Cute or Tacky?

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    I don't really know. I would never use a matchy-matchy theme myself, but only because I love names that haven't any correlation to each other. On the other hand, I would think it adorable to meet sisters Lily and Rose, while Wren and Raven sound too similar. The only real reason I like subtle name themes is it shows some display of intelligence (anybody could name their kids Lily & Rose, but Ruby & Esmeralda is much more creative). I would be pleasantly surprised to meet siblings Peregrine & Lark, Jasper & Cornelia, or Sage & Rue. So it depends : )
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    I agree. I think an obvious theme is kind of tacky, but a connection that's really subtle is nice. The problem is when you have a larger family and you tie yourself to this theme.
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    Many sets, like Jasper, Clay, and Amber, come across as names first and foremost.
    I love looser, subtler themes, especially with middles and girls' names. I like when the theme is made up of established names, or where the reference is meaningful and uncommon. For instance I think Mary Linnea and Josephine Acacia would go together beautifully, or a color-related set with Pearl, Violet and Sterling. A lot of themes overlap—Hazel, Lavender, and Coral are both nature and color names.

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    I agree with the others that it depends on how obvious it is. Most extreme names have an element of tackiness. It's hard to name your kid Clover and not expect it to occasionally feel a bit tacky. Uncommon things often feel strange. When you add a theme, it can really go off the deep end. That's why sister's named Faith, Joy, and Hope feels a bit boring more than technically tacky and sisters Clover, Sage, and Briar sound a bit crazy.

    I also think you should not sacrifice loving a name for adhering to a theme or not adhering to a theme.

    If you love the names Rose and Lily, then use them! They're beautiful names in their own right and it's not like your kids will spend their entire lives joined at the hip.

    If you love Rose and really want to do a flower theme but you dislike all other flower names, don't pick one just because it fits!

    In other words, don't freak out about themes, in either direction--it usually ends badly.
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    I think it's cute. I'd never do it myself, as I'm not generally a fan of word/object names, but when I see sibsets like Acacia and Lily, Pearl and Ruby, Winter and Summer, Forest and River, Robin and Raven, my first thought is always 'Oh, how sweet/cool/cute' as opposed to 'Wow, that's tacky.'
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