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    Eloise Pearl?
    Pearl Simone?

    Simone is great but I agree that might be too similar of a sound to Fiona?

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    Your daughter's have gorgeous names! Halle is a very sweet name and she sounds so pretty with the fresh faced rural sounding Fiona. Clara rounds of the combination stunningly well, with her bluesy vibe and style.

    I think you need a name that has the same strength as the original girl's names which in my head rules out Posey as she feels too informal and light in this sibling set. I dislike Simone in the sibling set even though she is beautiful I think she's too similar with Halle and isolates Fiona and Clara.

    I think Agnes lacks the femininity of Halle, Fiona, and Clara she feels slightly harsh next to the three names. I understand why you like the Aggy nickname. Maybe Agatha?

    Eloise is a stunning choice, she's feminine and pretty. She has a very sweet natural sound. I also love the connotations of the sun surrounding her name. The flow of Eloise with Halle, Fiona, and Clara is great. Also I like that she has the 'e' ending which ties her in with Halle and makes Halle slightly more included.

    Pearl yes I totally agree she's just soooo pretty!! Pearl has a lovely vibe, she feels clean and classy. I also love the connotations of the sea (pearls found in oysters found in the sea blah, blah, blah) and the associate with the classic jewellery piece. Pearl just feels so fresh she works with the sibling set as well.

    I actually love the idea of Eloise Pearl : )

    But from your middle name choices I like Eloise Frances!

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    I like Eloise or Pearl best from your list. Simone is beautiful but seems a little off with the rest. While I don't object to Agnes in general, it seems far to harsh with your other girls' names.

    Eloise Christine or Pearl Frances, I would choose from these two.

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