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    I love the name Simone, and it goes well with her sisters names.
    Simone Christine or Simone Frances sounds great!!!!!

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    I prefer Simone. I think Simone Christine sounds very pretty and goes well with her sisters.

    Eloise would be my second choice.

    Pearl is not my style.
    Agnes (and Aggy) reminds me of an old lady. Not at all youthful.
    Posey is too "nicknamey" to be a real name, in my opinion.

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    1. Simone... I love this name but I think it's too similar in sound to Fiona.
    2. Pearl...Pearl goes better with Clara and Fiona more than Halle but I like it!
    3. Agnes...A little too clunky with the other three girls.
    4. Eloise...This would be a good choice for your family.
    5. Posey - Too similar in sound with Halle.
    All the best,

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    I love Simone! I don't love it with Francis, though, because then they are both sort of feminized boy names (Simon & Frances). The same problem crops up with Christine, too....I really like Simone Pearl, though, or even Simone Posey! Simone Agnes is lovely as well! My second choices would be Pearl or Posey, which have the spunk of your other daughter's names, imo...- Pearl Simone or Posey Agnes, perhaps?

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    I vote for Eloise or Pearl. They are both beautiful choices.

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