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    Susannah--vintage, pretty
    Camilla--English classic
    Caroline--American classic
    Cordelia--Shakespearean classic
    Charlotte--pretty, but I have a bad association w/it
    Elena--nice for a middle name
    Elizabeth--my favorite vintage/classic
    Hazel--she'll always be a maid to me
    Juliet--romantic, I slightly prefer Juliette
    Katherine--prefer it as Catherine or Catarina, but lovely...classic
    Madeleine--another favorite!
    Nina--makes me think of Columbus' ships
    Mariana--pretty for a middle name
    Beatrice--English princess
    Rosalind--Shakespearean classic
    Rosemary--you really like classic English names....
    Zola--nickname for???

    Alexander--a favorite
    Alaric--love it
    Elijah--favorite Bible name
    David--second favorite Bible name
    Conrad--too masculine, even for a man.
    Henry--my least favorite classic
    Julian--kind of soft for a boy
    Jeremiah--too Biblical (no other associations...except the bullfrog from the song).
    James--love it!
    Sebastian--sweet, smart, adventurous, a great reader.
    Thomas--love Thomas, not much for Tom

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    Zola is a stand alone name.

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    Susannah - I don't love this, though it seems to be spiking a bit in popularity now. I think of the bible and the country song
    Camilla - I like this but prefer Camille
    Caroline - Prefer Coraline (Carol is so middle-age lady to me)
    Cordelia - Love, and love Cornelia also
    Charlotte - Love, despite uber-popularity
    Elena - Like. I also like Eleni
    Elizabeth - I don't like Beth names. But this is okay, I always associate it with Pride & Prejudice
    Hazel - Love the name Hazel! Too bad my husband hates it
    Isabel - Prefer Isobel, but I like Isabel as well (especially nn Izzy)
    Juliet - Worst character ever, so I am not fond of the name
    Katherine - My grandmother's name is Catharina, I prefer that variation
    Katarina - Much prefer this to Katherine
    Madeleine - Love the storybook connection, hate nn Maddy though
    Nina - I like Nina, but its nothing special
    Mariana - I prefer just Maria
    Beatrice - Nah. Its okay, nn BeeBee is cute
    Rosalind - Don'd like the 'd' ending, prefer Rosaline or Rosalyn
    Rosemary - Love this name, and all the nickname options!
    Zola - Cool! It makes me think of Gypsy fortune tellers

    Alexander - Boring
    Alaric - Love this, so strong and unusual, makes me think of vikings
    Elijah - I had the hugest crush on Elijah Wood in High School
    David - One of the best boy names of my childhood
    Conrad - I like this, it always makes me think Comrade though
    Emmett - Too Twilight
    Henry - Not exciting. I do like Henrik
    Julian - Not sure why I dislike this so much. I just asume anyone named Julian is a little brat
    Jeremiah - Like the full name, but don't like the nn Jerry (which will definitely happen with a 4 syllable name)
    James - Pretty good. Not super exciting but there are a lot of great James namesakes (Captain James Hook, for example)
    Michael - This is my brother's name, I have always been fond of it
    Sebastian - I used to really like this, I think I'm over it now though
    Thomas - Not a fan

    My favourites are Hazel & Alaric
    New username is @ truenature

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    Susannah- I like this spelling. Very elegant and graceful
    Camilla-nice but not my favorite.
    Caroline- like, elegant.
    Cordelia-nice, very elegant
    Charlotte- I love it. Its vintage but modern at the same time.
    Elena- nice, its pretty.
    Elizabeth. Classic, can't go wrong. Love the nn Eliza.
    Hazel- I have never really understood thr appeal of this name but it is nice.
    Isabel- love it. So classy and elegant. I like the Isabelle spelling more.
    Juliet- love this too. Classy and elegant.
    Katherine- one of my favorite names. Classy, elegant, strong and feminine.I prefer the Catherine spelling.
    Madeleine- love this spelling. Elegant and pretty.
    Nina- nice but it is the Spanish word for godmother. And I call my godmotther that, so I see it less as a name, although I know its totally legit. I just think godmother everytime I see it.
    Mariana- love it. I love the painting Mariana in the South by John William Waterhouse as well.
    Beatrice- this is one of the names that I should like but I don't really care for. I prefer the spanish pronuciation as well.
    Rosemary- pretty but I also think of the 60s scary movie.
    Zola- interesting.
    Alexander- love such a regal name.
    Alaric- huge gp of mine. It just sounds awesome. But it also seems like one of those names were I don't think any little boy can pull off.
    David- great name. The name of one of my brothers and nephew.
    Conrad- nms. Makes me think of comrade.
    Emmett- like
    I think you have a great list
    Raquel-23 year old who loves names, books, and languages

    Ladies: Clara Josephine, Amelia Juliet, Louisa Genevieve, Rose Caroline, Charlotte Rosamund, Eleanora Winter, Marina Adelaide, Emmeline Margot, Alice Primrose,Annabel Frances, Catherine Isabella, Vivienne Lucille
    Gentlemen: Frederick Arthur Louis, Nicholas Hugo, Henry Oliver, William Grey, Matthew Isaiah, Thomas Alaric, George Everett, Edmund Tobias, Asher Benjamin, and James Raphael

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