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    Breaking Away from T

    We aren't expecting our third yet but starting to plan for one! We have Theodore "Theo " John and Tallulah "Lu " Vera. Both middles are family names. I really want to break away from T for the third, especially because we plan on having four kids all together.

    Lately, I am really liking Robin for a boy. I've never cared for it as a girl's name, but for a boy it seems fresh and different. I'm worried that it may come across as feminine though and I never thought I was one for unisex names. Can anyone suggest a full name for Robin, other than Robert, or any good nicknames besides Rob / Robbie?

    First names for a boy:

    Arthur (my grandpa's name)
    Augustus "Gus"

    Middle name options:

    Lewis (I like it for a first but we called Tallulah "Lu", so it's way too matchy. I like it most but my son is already named for my dad - John - and Lewis is my dad's middle)
    Roy (probably the most likely because, as my husband's father, it's sort of his turn to have his name used next, though I like it the least), Matthew (my husband's name).

    First names for a girl:

    Jemima "Jem" (Love this name. Biblical, literary, unique, spunky).
    Beatrice "Bea" or "Birdie".

    Other names I like that don't work for various reasons:


    Wilhelmina "Willa"

    Our last name starts with A and is two syllables . Alliteration (Arthur A, etc) isn't always a bad thing right?

    Thoughts? Especially on Robin?
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    Robinson would work as a masculine name that could be nicknamed Robin. I think it fits better with your current names (being longer names). You would need a one or two syllable middle name. Lewis or Roy could work (depends if you like the RR initials).

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    I really love Augustus "Gus" Roy, especially with your other kids. I think both girl's names would fit in well in with sibs. Sorry, no help with Robin.

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    Robinson is one of the only fist names ending in "-son" that I like. Perhaps it's the baseball connection. I've always liked Rob and Robby and I find Robin handsome on a boy. I love Birdie as a nickname as well!
    Current favorites:
    Lucy Caroline and Thomas Cyprian

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    I think Robin is lovely , Robin Lewis sounds nice too.
    Have you considered Beatrix I think she would be super spunky with Tallulah! Beatrix Poppy or Beatrix Willa would be so sweet!

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