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    Why no Love for Laverne

    Old Laverne, why isn't she dusting off yet.

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    I always thought Laverne was a man's name.

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    The only thing I picture when I hear Laverne is an old, hunched back woman beating someone with her cane.
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    I think that Laverne is no more "old woman with a cane" than Hazel or Eleanor, which seem well-liked.
    I think Lavinia & Lavender have all been trending here & feel very 2013, just waiting for a celeb to use one.
    Who doesn't love a lovely, lyrical L name or a zippy kooky V?
    I think the problem is the "La" has less emphasis than the "Vern" which feels hard & I associate as masculine. In fact, the Vern sound makes me think of the little person who was in Austin Powers.
    I would LOVE to meet a Laverne though! It is kind of a vintage-fun-diner-waitress kind of name. I would put her in a list with Wanda, Nancy, Bonnie...but at the same time Laverne is more dignified & powerful sounding. Still diner waitressy, but she is probably the shift manager! These names could all totally work right now & be the new vintage, but I don't think parents are ready...
    Lorraine & Loretta maybe Letitia all have a better shot.

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    Laverne just doesn't sound very feminine to me. The first thing I think of is the old 70's show Laverne & Shirley. Not sure she's ready now (or possibly ever) for a revival. Some things are better left in the past.

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