View Poll Results: Which name combo is best for my twin daughters?

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  • Elodie Kate and Cassia Jane

    37 33.33%
  • Elodie Jane and Aria Kate

    26 23.42%
  • Everly Kate and Lydia Jane

    12 10.81%
  • Everly Catalina and Aurelia Jane

    5 4.50%
  • Emilia Jane and Averie Catalina

    4 3.60%
  • Emilia Kathleen and Cassia Jane

    21 18.92%
  • Emilia Jane and Aurelia Kate

    12 10.81%
  • Lydia Jane and Rosalie Kate

    53 47.75%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    The Final 8 Combos for my Twins

    Please vote on the poll which combos are the best! Vote based on how the twin combo sounds and how each individual name is. I eliminated Stella, Imogen, Tessa and Skye from my list of options. The reason Skye was eliminated was due to my last name, it just didn't work. My last name is 1 syllable if that affects your decision. Middle names can be moved around (ie. Jane to Katherine or Katherine to Katya sort of thing), but each pair must have 1 middle name has Jane and 1 middle name taken from the name Katherine. In no particular order, here is the list of names as individuals, not pairs.
    Elodie, Everly, Emilia (Em-e-lee-uh), Aurelia, Aria, Averie, Lydia, Cassia and Rosalie. Thanks!
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    I absolutely adore Emilia. I voted Emilia Kathleen and Cassia Jane - they are absolutely lovely! So gorgeous. Best of luck!

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    Lydia and Rosalie are perfect for twin girls. Everly is too modern/trendy next to the ancient Lydia and Aurelia. Emilia and Elodie are just very blah to me. Emilia doesn't feel any different than Emily or Amelia, whereas Elodie feels very cutesy and trendy.

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    I would love Elodie Jane and Rosalie Kate... Edie and Rose or Lola & Rosie are just adorable! Elodie Kate and Rosalie Jane would work well too... Love the subtle floral connection!

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    I picked Emilia Kathleen and Cassia Jane. The other names don't feel as "complete" and elegant.

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