View Poll Results: Which name combo is best for my twin daughters?

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  • Elodie Kate and Cassia Jane

    37 33.33%
  • Elodie Jane and Aria Kate

    26 23.42%
  • Everly Kate and Lydia Jane

    12 10.81%
  • Everly Catalina and Aurelia Jane

    5 4.50%
  • Emilia Jane and Averie Catalina

    4 3.60%
  • Emilia Kathleen and Cassia Jane

    21 18.92%
  • Emilia Jane and Aurelia Kate

    12 10.81%
  • Lydia Jane and Rosalie Kate

    53 47.75%
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    The Final 8 Combos for my Twins

    Please vote on the poll which combos are the best! Vote based on how the twin combo sounds and how each individual name is. I eliminated Stella, Imogen, Tessa and Skye from my list of options. The reason Skye was eliminated was due to my last name, it just didn't work. My last name is 1 syllable if that affects your decision. Middle names can be moved around (ie. Jane to Katherine or Katherine to Katya sort of thing), but each pair must have 1 middle name has Jane and 1 middle name taken from the name Katherine. In no particular order, here is the list of names as individuals, not pairs.
    Elodie, Everly, Emilia (Em-e-lee-uh), Aurelia, Aria, Averie, Lydia, Cassia and Rosalie. Thanks!
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