View Poll Results: Which name combo is best for my twin daughters?

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  • Elodie Kate and Cassia Jane

    37 33.33%
  • Elodie Jane and Aria Kate

    26 23.42%
  • Everly Kate and Lydia Jane

    12 10.81%
  • Everly Catalina and Aurelia Jane

    5 4.50%
  • Emilia Jane and Averie Catalina

    4 3.60%
  • Emilia Kathleen and Cassia Jane

    21 18.92%
  • Emilia Jane and Aurelia Kate

    12 10.81%
  • Lydia Jane and Rosalie Kate

    53 47.75%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Elodie Jane and Aria Kate are lovely
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    Rosalie and Elodie or Rosalie and Lydia would be a great set.

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    Elodie is way too trendy, plus you'll get a lot of 'did you say Melody?'

    Cassia is a lovely plant name, love classic Jane with it

    ARIA IS WAY TOO TRENDY - better than the Arya spelling in GAME OF THRONES, it still gives the feeling it WILL BE DATED AND 'OVER' IN A FEW YEARS

    Everly is trendy, but lovely and WAY better than Elodie and Aria

    SPELL EMILIA AMELIA - it is not worth using a slightly different name but forcing your child to correct people her entire life

    Lydia is my favorite - super lovely, but never super popular - you can get your different fix without causing lifelong problems for you child

    Rosalie is my second favorite - classic and a perfect pairing with Lydia, love the simple elegance of the middle names - Jane & Kate

    Averie???? if you have to use this over used trendy name - SPELL IT CORRECTLY, again dont cause lifelong corrections for your child

    Aurelia is gaining momentum but lovely as well, much better than Aurora

    Lydia Jane & Rosalie Kate

    Everly Kate & Cassia Jane & Aurelia Kate

    any combo of these 4 would be great, but think Lydia Jane & Rosalie Kate is perfection
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    You have really lovely name options!

    I really can't vote, but here is my feedback on the combos:
    Elodie Kate and Cassia Jane -- I love Elodie and Cassia together! Very feminine without being over the top. Really beautiful.
    Elodie Jane and Aria Kate -- These are nice, but I like Cassia much better.
    Everly Kate and Lydia Jane -- I can't decide on these...they sound nice together, but they don't seem to match in style. One is very new and "in" while the other is a more solid classic.
    Everly Catalina and Aurelia Jane -- Same issue as the above combo. Cool how Catalina goes with Aurelia though.
    Emilia Jane and Averie Catalina -- Ooh, I'm liking Emilia and Averie together! Very distinct, but not so much that they clash. I think Averie Kate would match Emilia Jane a little better.
    Emilia Kathleen and Cassia Jane -- Emilia and Cassia sound too similar for my taste and Emilia Kathleen sounds more elegant and sophisticated than the pretty and spunky Cassia Jane.
    Emilia Jane and Aurelia Kate -- Emilia and Aurelia are far to similar for me.
    Lydia Jane and Rosalie Kate -- Wow. These are perfect together!

    So, favorites are: Elodie & Cassia, Emilia & Averie, and Lydia & Rosalie. Beautiful names.
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    Lydia Jane and Rosalie Kate

    They work nicely together. They complement each other but aren't too matchy. I love the name Emilia but I've never heard anyone say the pronunciation you have; I say eh-meel-ya/eh-meel-ia.

    Cassia is a runner-up name for me, perhaps with Lydia. I'm not a fan of Aria or Everly; they're a bit trendy to me. Elodie and Aurelia are nice, they're just nms and I think Rosalie and Lydia so wonderful.
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