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    Are these names too strange to live with?

    Hello there dears. I've got a very unique taste in names, and have a lot of worries about the teasing and mispronunciations that may come with it. I wonder if I could get some thoughts on some of my more unusual girl names? Feel free to suggest different match-ups! Many of them have some sort of character attachment and therefore hold a lot of meaning for me.

    Valentine Nessarose
    Melody Marjorine/Marjorie
    Tolly/Polly Bay
    Mayzie Fay
    Juniper Bliss
    Pashmina (Pash) Lu
    Daisy Mae Cecily
    Chrysanthemum (Chrysie?) Blake
    Calliope (ca-LIE-oh-pee) (Popi) Dot
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    Valentine Nessarose- I like Valentine, but the middle is a bit of a mess to look at.
    Melody Marjorine/Marjorie- Not a fan of the double M. I prefer Melody Marjorie over Melody Merjorine.
    Tolly/Polly Bay- Don't care for either.
    Mayzie Fay- Don't care for Mayzie (or Maisie for that matter) but Fay is cute.
    Juniper Bliss- I really like this combo. Nature with a touch of cute.
    Pashmina Lu- Don't like this. Isn't Pashmina a type of scarf?
    Daisy Mae Cecily- Very cute and southern.
    Chrysanthemum Blake- I've read a book about the name Chursantehmum, and I think it's nice. However, it's very long and heavy. Don't like Blake.
    Calliope (Popi) Dot- I like Calliope but not Dot.

    I think some names are a bit too much, but you have some good combos too.

    Top Girls: Under Construction

    Top Boys: Under Construction

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    Valentine Nessarose - I really had to think about naming a little girl Valentine. Where I live (Southwest), Valentines seem to be guys (Spanish name Valentino is relatively common.) But still, if Clementine, why not Valentine? I would switch up the middle because they run together with the two "n" sounds: Valentinessarose. What about: Valentine Mae or for something more frilly, Valentine Christabel?
    Melody Marjorine/Marjorie - Marjorine is interesting but I just couldn't. It's one little vowel sound from margarine, and the jokes might fly. Melody Marjorie sounds jokey/too much rhyming. I would slip Nessarose into this spot. Melody Nessarose.
    Tolly/Polly Bay - Tolly & Polly are both cute. But I think Tolly would always be saying "No, not Dolly." I would make this a nickname for a longer name.
    Mayzie Fay - I actually like Bay better with Mayzie. Mayzie Bay and Polly Faye.
    Juniper Bliss - Lovely. Totally wearable today alongside Sage, Holly, etc.
    Pashmina (Pash) Lu - Still purely a shawl to me, but the name itself has a beautiful sound, Pashmina Lu. What about Pelagia or Pascale, which have nicknames of Pash and Pascha respectively?
    Daisy Mae Cecily - Daisy I love! Cecily seems a bit randomly thrown in there. I would pick a third name with different ending sound. Daisy Mae Calliope?
    Chrysanthemum (Chrysie?) Blake - Call me nuts, I actually like this. So many possible nicknames: Ryssa, Annie, Zanthe, Emmy, etc.
    Calliope (Popi) Dot - Cute! Dot is an adorable middle name.

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    Valentine Nessarose- I prefer Valentina. Nessarose just sounds made up to me. I'd pick either Vanessa or Rose or something else entirely.
    Melody Marjorine/Marjorie- prefer Marjory to Marjorine (too close to Margerine for my taste).
    Tolly/Polly Bay- not a fan of any of it
    Mayzie Fay- Prefer Maisie. Mayzie is a little too kree8tiv for me.
    Juniper Bliss- probably my favorite combo
    Pashmina (Pash) Lu- I would not want to be named after a kind of cashmere, but that's just me.
    Daisy Mae Cecily- cute but I don't know how that will age. I can't see Daisy Mae having a real job.
    Chrysanthemum (Chrysie?) Blake- pretty, but (forgive the stereotype) I picture Chrysanthemum being a hippie who smokes pot and reads fortunes or something. Blake doesn't seem to match Chrysanthemum.
    Calliope (ca-LIE-oh-pee) (Popi) Dot- Calliope is fine. Dot is not my favorite

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    I like Melody.
    I like Blake.
    I LoVe Juniper!
    I have odd taste in names compared to most as well. Here are some names and combos based on your list:
    Vanessa Rose
    Vanessa Rosalyn
    Juniper Valentine
    Juniper Mae
    Melody Juniper
    Melody June
    Melanie Rosalind
    Melody Blake
    Callista Melody
    Callista Juniper or Callista June

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