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    The best name to go with this sibling set is Harlow Violet. Harlow works with the unisex theme that you have going on with your girl's names, she has that tough and ready attitude. As well as a spunk which works with the fashionable vibe of this sibling set.

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    Harlow Violet goes well with the sibset and I think it's sweet that your daughters middles would be in honor of their grandmothers

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    I agree Arden is too close to Aiden though love it.
    Harlow is really nice with your set.
    Also like:
    with your children
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    -Liliosa Marie - Liliosa sounds like a Harry Potter spell

    -Harlow Violet - WAY TOO TRENDY, go with Violet, lovely

    -Bella Mia - WAY TOO ITALIAN, feels like a joke - drop boring Mia

    -Caylee Grace - WAY TOO TRENDY + spelling corrections her whole life, go with Grace

    -Arden Maeve "Arie" - trendy, Ari is a boys name and doesnt feel feminine at all. think Elizabeth Arden and of ardor in the passionate sort of way - not a good name for a little girl

    -Isabelle Quinn - like Isabelle though its popular QUINN IS WAY TOO TRENDY

    Violet Grace
    Bella Grace
    Grace Violet

    Maeve - prefer Maven or Maudlin Grace

    also try Jane for a classic middle
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