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    New Here, and Need a Name For Baby 4!

    Hi, I am expecting a baby girl Sept. 24 and I haven't been able to choose a name. She will he joining siblings Mason Jett, Aiden James, and Jaydyn Helena. Here is the list hubs and I put together:

    -Liliosa Marie "Lily" (we ARE NOT interested in using Lily as a full name)

    -Harlow Violet

    -Bella Mia

    -Caylee Grace

    -Arden Maeve "Arie"

    -Isabelle Quinn

    Suggestions welcomed! Thanks in advance!


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    From your list, Harlow Violet is my favorite. It's stunning. : )
    Mommy to Eva Lily Catherine, b. 1/31/2014

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    All the names on your list are lovely, but my favourite is Harlow.

    I personally think Harlow Marie, or Harlow Grace sound amazing

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    I love Harlow Violet, Isabelle Quinn & Arden Maeve.

    Good luck :-)

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    -Liliosa Marie "Lily"
    I had to look up Liliosa because I've never heard it before! It is certainly pretty, but very flowery and exotic compared to Jaydyn. I think if you're going to call her Lily all the time anyway, that doesn't really matter so much.

    -Harlow Violet
    I see the appeal of Harlow but I hear "harlot" whenever I say it! This is a good combination, though.

    -Bella Mia
    This doesn't seem like a full name to me somehow, it's missing something. (?) It seems like a phrase. Mia Bella, Bella Mia. It sounds like it would be the name of a really cute boutique, not a woman. Which hey she is going to be someday! lol I would fill out the middle a little more. Maybe Bella Amelia, Bella Avery, Bella Rosalie?

    -Caylee Grace
    Least favorite. Caylee appears very trendy to me. I just feel like I've heard it a thousand times, spelled all different ways.

    -Arden Maeve "Arie" - Love this! Different and beautiful. But I don't know about sisters Jaydyn & Arden. Too much rhyme?

    -Isabelle Quinn - Perfect. I like the spelling Isobel, but still this is a beautiful combo. I prefer it to trendier Isabella, even if she gets the Bella nickname!

    So my top picks #1) Isabelle Quinn #2) Arden Maeve #3) Liliosa Marie.

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