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    Too common?

    Recently, I've fallen head-over-heels for the name Delilah. I love the way it sounds and the way it looks and the way it feels when it's said. That being said, is it too common? Or even if not too common, do you think people with associate it with the biblical story? Because I dont, but I am not a very religious person, and I dont know if people who were more religious than I would make the connection and think of it negatively. I really like the combinations of Delilah Aurora and Delilah Spruce and even Delilah Ptarmigan.

    Just to throw these both in one post, what do you guys think of Lex on a girl? I love it. I think it's adorable. As a combo, do you guys think it works as a nickname for Helena (Hell-ehn-a) Alexandra? Is there another name you'd put it as a nickname for, besides Alexa and Alexandria (both of which are pretty, I just happen to like Alexandra a tad better.)
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