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Thread: So, is this it?

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    So, is this it?

    Let me just start by saying we will not know if we are having a boy or girl until the beginning of October, however I feel very strongly that it is a girl. The only names we have discussed so far are girl names. I was explaining to my husband the 100 year theory, and I said to him "Names that were popular 100 years ago are coming back, like Ruby, Agnes and Opal." He literally stopped in his tracks (we were on a walk) and said "I like Ruby, thats adorable!" I thought about it for a few minutes and replied that I liked it too. Then I really started to think about itover the next several weeks, and I REALLY like it. DH already refers to the baby as Ruby. We even remembered later that my mom has a dog named Ruby, yet we still are considering using it. I don't think Ruby really "goes with" Callum, but it still stays in my mind. It just feels right... So does this mean that it is THE name? There are still so many other names we love, but Ruby just sticks around. Now with my luck this baby will end up being a boy, and this whole issue with be moot. Can I get some thoughts and opinions on Ruby?
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    Oh, what a cute story! I really like Ruby a lot, and I do think she goes nicely with Callum, in fact. Ruby is cute, pretty, classic and elegant all at the same time. It sounds like you have found "the one!"

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    I love Ruby! I have one, she's 6. I think Callum and Ruby work well together. My Ruby came after her older brother Logan and even though they're not really at all the same "style" I think they sound fine.

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    I love the name Ruby! It sounds to me like you are both smitten with the name, but you have some time to think it over. You don't have to commit now. I think Ruby and Callum would be fine as a sibset, actually. Ruby has always struck me as so energetic that it overcomes its older connotation. I can totally picture a little Callum coddling his little sister Ruby. (aw! it sounds even cuter than I thought). Best of luck!

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    So cute! Yes, of course you should use the name you have loved for a long. Ruby is so sweet and warm, I like it and if your it with longer middle. Ruby Eleanor, for instance, would be breathtaking.

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