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    I have a niece named Winter, and while I was put off when I first heard it, it's grown on me, especially with Winnie as a nickname. However, I'm not sure it flows too well with Eloise...

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    I think it's a nice name. I like Summer and Winter - obviously not together though. Hahaha.

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    Winter Eloise is a darling combo. I'm not much for noun names either, but I like this. The nickname Winnie is also very appealing.

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    Thanks for all of the positive feedback so far!!! It is really growing on me and may be at the top of my list now. Super excited that DH likes it too - that never happens. I am open to other suggestions for a middle besides Eloise, although I do like Winter Eloise together. I think something nice and feminine to counteract the somewhat masculine "ter" ending...
    Maybe I am getting ahead of myself here (definitely getting ahead of myself here...) but I can't imagine naming a sister to Winter. Obviously it couldn't be anything noun-y or nature-y but would it seem weird with just a "normal" sister name...?
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    Winter Eloise is indeed an adorable combo!
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