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    This list makes me happy!

    Nancy- This name feels really fresh to me. I am so ready to meet a baby Nancy. IMO it is cute for a little one, but works for an older woman just as well. I think of Nancy Drew, I think of Nancy Sinatra, this gives it a campy vintage feel, in a good way.
    Bryony- This is pretty sounding, but makes me think of names like Brenna, Brielle, Brianne, Brian, Byron, all names that feel 90s to me. This is like a 2013 version of Brianna to me. Like Brianna, but more naturey feeling & modern
    June- Gorgeous & simple. I love it. I also love Jean & Joan. And they both more easily adopt the -ie pet names while Juney doesn't quite work.
    Gloria- A bit stuffier than your other vintage choices, but still very nice.
    Sally- I love this, but wonder if Sarah nn Sally isn't a better option. I can't use it cause Sal means animal fat in Russian & my husband & in-laws all speak Russian as their primary language. It has the same charm for me as Nancy.

    Others that you might like- Annette, Lana, Thisbe, Briar, Jade, Jude, Joan, Jean, Eugenie, January, Juniper, Ramona, Ruby, Holly, Dolly, Darcy.

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    Nancy - More of an old lady name than a little girl's name IMO
    Bryony - Love love love it!
    June - I prefer Juniper.
    Gloria - A really timeless and cute name.
    Sally - Refer to Nancy.
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    I really like Nancy and Sally! I have a friend who spells it "Sallie" and it's adorable. Nancy I think is a little like Dianne or Dianna- thought of as a grownup's name, but totally ready for a comeback on kids! Nan is adorable, too, as a nickname. I like June and I really like Junia, a variation of June.
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    Nancy- I love this name because of Nancy Drew. I think, if I were to use it, I would use it as a middle.
    Bryony- NMS
    June- I love June. It's so sweet in a single syllable.
    Gloria- This name has been growing on me lately. It's so pretty, and I associate it with Morning Glory flowers which are so beautiful.
    Sally- A bit boring to me.

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    My favorites are June and Gloria. I love June so much, that it's my 2nd daughter's name and I love it more and more as time goes on! By the way @ Taz, my then-2-year-old started calling the baby "Juney" from the start, and surprisingly it does kind of work as a nickname, or at least as a "pet" name. Bryony is NMS and Sally is pretty, but IMO it would need an exciting or interesting MN to jazz it up.

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