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  • Winter Ophelia

    23 19.49%
  • Winter Felicity

    8 6.78%
  • Cassia Snow

    40 33.90%
  • Scarlett Ember

    13 11.02%
  • Matilda Boheme

    25 21.19%
  • Brigitte Snow

    9 7.63%
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    How about Felicity Winter? It rolls off the tongue (And boy do I have a soft spot for Felicity...)!
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    i do like Felicity as a first name... and i'm sure most people don't associate it with the show anymore... but that's kind of all i can think of.

    and Ophelia as a middle is the only way i can sell it to my bf, he won't go for it as a first. i love it though.

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    Alora and Cassia sounds best together.

    Alora Belle and Cassia Snow... it sounds enchanting...

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    i'm worrying that Cassia and Alora may sound too matchy (maybe not?)

    i also hate nicknames, and don't want anyone calling her Cassie. idk if people would do that or not. some people seem to LOVE nicknames and want to nickname everyone. but i guess those people would probably just make up a nickname no matter what.

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    I like Cassia best with Alora. I don't think it's too matchy--I think it's just right. (Also, mallopuff, I LOVE your avatar! The worst part about prison was the Dementors!!!!!)

    pet peeves: nicknames as given names; unconventional spellings; masculine names on girls
    not-so-guilty pleasures: five-syllable girls' names; virtue and nature names; over-the-top antique names for boys
    (if i repeat name suggestions in a thread, it's because i like them! no apologies here for repeats of great names! )


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