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    I really like Charlie, it feels really crisp and fun, and prefer it as a given name as opposed to a nn. I view Charley as more of a girls' name (the "ley" tends to be feminine i.e. Kiley, Ashley, Hayley, etc.)

    I prefer Lennox - the x adds a bit of spark.

    I don't fancy Murphy, but I don't really like names with a "u" in them (which is why I can't jump on the "Rosamund" train even though so many Berries love it). The alliteration is nice, though. Plus the initials, "MM" make me think of the candy, which isn't the worst association in the world!
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    Charlie. Don't do the different spelling - he will suffer all his life spelling it for people!

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    I like Charlie and Lennon.

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