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    Murphy vs Lennon (Lenny) vs Charley???

    please help!! Im getting frustrated!!!!! I can't find a name that I love love love!! I do like Lennon and Murphy and to play it safe Charley's not bad. Last name is Mitchell which I thought Murphy sounds cool with....just didn't know if it was too "out there"

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    I like them all, but I would probably name a son Charles & call him Charlie. Charley doesn't seem (to me) like a grown man's name. Good luck!

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    Too much alliteration w/Murphy Mitchell...Lennon isn't bad, but Lenny sounds a bit demeaning to me. I concur w/pdelmazo--Charles/Charlie sounds handsome.

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    Murphy and Lenny sound like vintage gangsters to me. I much prefer Charlie.
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    I personally wouldn't use Murphy because of Murphy's law. Lennon or even Len is great though! What do you think of Lennox?

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