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    Exclamation Help this little beauty find her name :)

    We have three girls now! the newest member (girl) was born two months ago. I named her Sena Sky- but I don't like it. I would REALLY appreciate some help here....

    names I like: Penelope; Uma; Gaia; Arianna; Lilianna; Maia; I like Reagan but hate the affiliation; I like Magnolia but DH doesn't like it at all

    Our girls names are: Ashlyn Giovanna(8) & Suriana Elee(2)

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!!

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    I'm sorry that you've come to regret the name you chose! Hopefully you find something you truly love!

    I would stay away from the names that end in "ana" because of your second daughter's name.
    Instead of Ariana would you consider Aria? Instead of Lilliana would you consider Lillia?

    Depending on what you like, there are lots of L names that I think would fit in with your style including Louisa, Lucia, Layla, Leticia, Lilac
    Or maybe considering some R names that you may like better than Reagan; Renae, Reina, Raelee

    Some combinations:
    Aria Sky
    Aria Rae
    Aria Lucia
    Aria Mae
    Aria Louisa
    Aria Leticia
    Penelope Sky
    Penelope Rae
    Penelope Lucia
    Louisa Sky
    Louisa Rae
    Louisa Mae
    Renae Gaia
    Renae Maia
    Renae Magnolia
    Renae Uma
    Lillia Mae
    Lillia Sky
    Lillia Penelope

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    My favorite combination is Maia Lillian. Beautiful!

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