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    Which is the best fit for our baby #6?

    Hey there all you Nameberries!

    I am due with my 6th child in November. We don't know the gender, and are having a hard time finding/agreeing on a name for both. I would LOVE some feedback on my boy list, as well as any added suggestions.

    Our other kids' names are Spencer, Katelyn, Ezra, Jiles, and Zoe.

    Here is my list of favorites:

    My hubby's list of faves:

    I have a thread of our girl names here.

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    Welcome to NB!!!

    I really like Oliver with your other kids names. Ezra and Jiles are both short while Oliver has a little bit of that spunky substance that I love about Spencer. Atticus and Moses strike me as a bit rigid for you. And while I like the idea of Jett as a mn I don't love it with Oliver.

    Jethrow Oliver (Jett)
    Oliver Jettison (Olli/Jett) - An obscure and "weird" word name but I think it could work as a Jameson/Jackson alternative.
    Oliver Aurelian (Olli) - Aurelian means "golden" and could be a cool way to honor your husbands favorite without using it.
    Oliver Zane (Olli)
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    I think Oliver is my favorite. How about Jasper? I think it would go well with your other children's names.

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    Cool, thanks. I forgot to mention that we already have the middle name picked out: Noble. It was my great-grandmother's maiden name, and it's just a great name with a great meaning. Now just to find the first name! I LOVE Oliver, but my DH is not sold on it.
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    I agree with lexiem, I think Oliver Jett is fabulous with your set!
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