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    Which will best fit for our baby #6?

    Okay, Nameberries!

    I am due with my 6th child in November. We're not sure if we're having a boy or a girl, and we're having a tough time coming up with/agreeing on names for both genders. I would LOVE some feedback on my girl list and would love some suggestions as well.

    My other kids names are Spencer, Katelyn, Ezra, Jiles and Zoe. We're looking for a name that is in no question a girl name, not too common, yet not too weird.

    My faves:

    My DH likes Jane and Rose, but they are not my favorite. Maybe for a middle name?

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    I know a Piper Jane, and she's very cute. I also love Penelope Jane. I
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    I like all the names on your list.

    With your sibset I think Penelope and even Adelaide might be a little more out there than the others, but without the zing of Ezra. Kaitlyn and Zoe are very modern names and as pretty as Penelope and Adelaide are it's hard to imagine a Katelyn with a sister Adelaide.

    I really love Piper and it fits your set very nicely

    I like Olive as well, but as cute as it is it feels like a slimming down of Olivia.

    Some other suggestions, just throwing some out there:
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    I love Penelope Jane and Adelaide Rose.
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    Thanks so far. I love the suggestions. I really like Alice.
    I have a boy name list here, if you care to check it out.
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