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Thread: Brothers?

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    It is my idea that they´ll go by Jasper Beau and John Gray, though my fiancee is more inclined to just call them Jasper and John or Jonathan. Thank you everyone for the comments Good to know Im not the only one who thinks Jasper Beauregard is swoon worthy And of course handsome Jonathan Grayson

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    Jasper Beauregard is so incredibly handsome and Southern. Jonathan Grayson doesn't have the same vibe as Jasper Beauregard at all (to me at least), so it's hard for me to imagine them as brothers.

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    Okai so I think I´ll just give a little info as to why Jonathan Grayson is on here Jonathan is to honor one of my favorite Generals in the American Civil War, Thomas Jonathan ´Stonewall´ Jackson (Beauregard is for P.G.T Beauregard, and also because it soo handsome) but it is also a nod to my father who is named Johannes, without naming completly after him. Grayson is a nod to my fiancees and I´s love for the South and the Confederate (Sorry if this offends anyone, but thats what it is) Also Jasper Beauregard and Jonathan Grayson are easy to say in my native language so thats always a plus

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