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Thread: Brothers?

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    Hi Berries!
    I´ve been wondering for quite sometime now and I thought I´d just ask you all
    Would Jasper Beauregard and Jonathan Grayson (possibly nn Jasper Beau and John Gray) be too much for brothers?
    Thank you!

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    I do not think they would be too much for boys. I really love the names Jasper and Jonathan.

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    No I don't think they're too much.
    I love Jasper Beauregard btw

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    Jasper Beauregard is swoon worthy! Love it! I'm not a fan of Jonathan but the two work fine together.

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    Both are very nice names. Would they go by just Jasper and John or Jasper Beau and John Gray? If Beau and Gray are in the MN spot, then it probably wouldn't really matter if the names were shorten unless they decide to go by their middle name rather than their first name.

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