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    I have those initials, and it's never been an issue. I choose to write BCS whenever I need to initial things.

    Then again a family member is PMS so she initials with PS.

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    I think BS is far, far preferable to SS (given the Nazi connection). I feel your pain, we have an S surname and probably won't do either BS or SS, unless there were absolutely no other names we both liked enough to use. Susannah and Blythe are both lovely fn choices though!

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    Name-wise, I do prefer Susannah to Blythe. But with that being said, I don't think BS is a big deal. Initials never really matter too much, I don't think. But get this - I had a character once whose initials were BMS. BS if you take first and last name. BM if you do first and middle (like bowel movement). And MS if you do middle and last (multiple sclerosis). So his were just a bad combination!

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    I think that I would avoid it if possible, but if it were a family name, I would just go for it. However, since you have other options on the table I would pick the one that doesn't have this glaring flaw! For me, if my one favorite name result in initials like BJ or BS or a spelled out word like FAT, I might still do it, if the name was so so perfect to me & I couldn't come up with anything better, but if I had a runner-up without initial issues I would go for that!

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    I like Susannah better with Phoebe - and while I don't think BS is a deal-breaker alone, I wouldn't really want my initials to be BS so that probably says something!
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