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    I think Susannah is lovely with Samuel, though Eloise/Elliot are a bit too similar. Susannah Grace or Susannah Louise would be nice alternatives.

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    Susannah Eloise is my favorite. Lydia sounds better with Jane. My suggestion is to go ahead and try to come up with two more names in case you add a #3 to your brood. It doesn't have to be AS matchy as the first two if it somehow works together. Out of the names below I think Shaelyn and Serena work fine. If you can find one more name you are in love with that will not make your child feel left out, you can use Susannah. I am sorry I dopn't have a boy name collection.


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    I love Emily Grace and Lydia Jane- heck, I also really really like Jane Eloise, but that wasnt one of your options and i dont know if that one was even a consideration for you
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    Eloise would be strictly as middle name because DH doesn't like it as a first and although I love the name I prefer it in the middle. Right now we're leaning toward Lydia Jane. We still really like Emily Grace and the popularity of Emily doesn't bother us since Samuel is also popular, but the thought of another little girl, or multiple little girls, having the same first and middle drives us away from the name. We'll probably consider it for a future daughter. So now it's really between Lydia Jane and Susannah Eloise. We might end up taking both names to the hospital. I prefer not since I like to have the names picked out well in advance, but I'm not opposed to the idea either.
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    I adore Susannah (one of my favourite names) but pigeonholing yourself isn't a smart move and Lydia Jane is gorgeous!
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