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    To me Mason & Brenna are "old timey". I like Silvie but I'm not sure how well it fits.
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    Mason & Brenna are great together, and Sylvie adds in a different ending that sounds great with them! The origin wouldn't bother me because I think they are all united as names that are very of-the-moment. (I've been hearing about little Sylvies lately - it is a great name!) One of our children has a German name & the other has a French name, so I'm partial to mixing it up

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    I like Sylvie though I think if I had Mason and Brenna at home I'd consider Sylvia nn Sylvie.
    Sylvia feels more "American" to me. (Also I apparently really like -a names).
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    Mason & Brenna feel more 2013 modern/trendy than Sylvie, but it still works. I think Stella feels more expected with the other 2, but Sylvie wouldn't throw me off as it's in that same vintage-but-current style. Something like Sylvianna feels very 2013, but IMO Silvia is the nicest choice.

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    I don't see Sylvie as exotic at all. It is common enough that I don't even think about the origin when I hear it. I think all those names go together fine.
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