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    Is Sylvie too exotic for our family?

    Probably just hypothetical.. Husband and I don't agree on any names really so why would he like Sylvie? I love the name but wonder if its French sound is too mismatched with siblings and our last name. Siblings Mason and Brenna sound "all American" to me (though I do believe Mason is French in origin) and I worry a name that doesn't have this feel might stick out like a sore thumb. Also we are Irish with a McCarthy sounding last name. What do ya think, too weird?

    Just trying to hit every angle in this impossible name search! 11 weeks to go and getting discouraged.

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    I think it would sound just fine! I love Sylvie! I find Mason to sound American and Brenna sounds Irish. Why not add some French in as well.

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    Sylvie is definitely different than your other children names but, that's not necessarily a bad thing! It really depends if you want all your kids names to be cohesive.

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    Boyandgirl, that's an interesting way to look at it! If all 3 names are viewed a little differently from each other, than one sticking out isn't such a worry. Something to think about.. Thanks!

    Cgwaltney, this is where I get stuck! On one hand I feel like it shouldn't matter if sibling names are cohesive.. They're each their own person. But on the other hand I have always been told how well Mason and Brenna go together, and I guess I feel pressure to do it again.

    Thank you both for the insight. Keep the feedback coming please! :-)

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    Hhhmmm I am English, to me Mason and Brenna sound all american, but I dont think Silvie sticks out or is too different. Although I do think Silver is maybe a better fit x

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