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Thread: Adam

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    Adam is a great name. I know a 15 year old Adam and his name suits him perfectly.
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    I love it. I think it's a very handsome name. A classic that isn't overused these days.

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    My husband's name is Adam and he loves it, he likes that everyone knows it, but he hasn't met very many Adam's in his life. I have met a couple smaller Adams in my kid's circles, but it's still not a popular name for being so well known.

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    I think it's a name for all ages - not over-used either. I know an adult Adam aged around 30. I don't think of it as being 'old man' at all. It's a strong classic - I say go for it!

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    I adore Adam. It's one of those names that never gets old or loses it's charm. It's so soft and sweet yet strong and undeniably masculine. Strangely, I've only known one Adam. I don't know why it isn't more common, at least where I live

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