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Thread: Going Crazy! :(

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    Going Crazy! :(

    My husband and I are having such a hard time with boys names, it is really getting frustrating! Our girls options just came to us right away and we both loved them. Our options are Cora and Scarlett. Boys names have been a struggle from the beginning. I love classic names, and my husband loves unique names. Not necessarily names that are way 'out there', just names he doesn't hear a lot. His favorite is Merrick. I like it but just don't love it. My favorites are Parker and Jameson, which my hubby likes but just doesn't love.

    Right now our front runner is Callen. It is unique to my husband but has the classic feel to me if Calvin, with the handsom nickname cal. We both really like it, but I'm just not completely in love like I am with the girls! I'm trying not to stress, as it might not even be a boy. I just need more options!!

    Help please!?

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