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    Here in the US I always had a negative association with Autumn while growing up in the 90s. It seemed somehow down market. I have recently met a baby named Autumn & it feels fresh to me now.

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    Sorry, but it always reminds me of a stripper/porn star.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suzywoo View Post
    Im just curious. I know how i feel about it but wondered what others thoughts were? I gather it is much more popular in the US than here in the UK.
    I love it! Autumn is very simple, yet gorgeous and elegant!

    I also like Winter.

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    I like the Au sound, which is what I like about Audrey. Autumn is dated in the USA much like April or Summer, but I would use it in the UK.

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    I love Autumn! I love the look and sound of it, and it's also my favorite season! Winter is my favorite season name, but Autumn is definitely second. The popularity is the only thing that throws me off.
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