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    Talking Lord of the Rings Fellowship Creator

    Just a random name game that popped into my head. If you have any other suggestions on how to improve it, please let me know! I tried to stick to names that might fit nicely in the Lord of the Rings, while still keeping it somewhat understandable and modern.


    Roll for the ring that is to be taken to Mordor.

    You will roll for 9 different individuals. Roll for male (evens) or female (odds).

    Roll for race
    1. Hobbit
    2. Dwarf
    3. Man/Woman
    4. Hobbit
    5. Elf
    6. Man/Woman
    7. Hobbit
    8. Elf
    9. Istari (Wizard)
    10. Hobbit

    First Names
    Female Hobbit:
    Male Hobbit: (Can choose from boy or unisex names)
    Female Dwarf:
    Male Dwarf:
    Man: OR
    Woman: OR
    Female Elf:
    Male Elf:
    Istari (Male or Female): OR

    Choose Last Names (or appropriate second name, i.e. "the Grey")
    Hobbits: (combine two of the names to make the surname)
    Dwarves: (put "Son of" or "Daughter of" before parent's name; Choose random name, male or female, then Lord of the Rings. Pick one name from either listed)
    Men/Women: (put "Son of" or "Daughter of" before parent's name; choose random name, male/female/neutral. Pick the first name listed)
    Istari: (put "the" before the color/description) OR
    Elves: (Do not have last names; they do have nicknames/alternative names, if you would like to find/choose one.)

    Hair Color
    1. Black
    2. Blonde
    3. Brown
    4. Grey/Silver/White
    5. Red
    6. Blonde
    7. Brown
    8. Black
    9. Red
    10. Your Choice

    Eye Color
    1. Blue
    2. Violet
    3. Brown
    4. Green
    5. Grey
    6. Black
    7. Brown
    8. Green
    9. Blue
    10. Black

    Weapon of Choice
    1. Bow & Arrows
    2. Hammer
    3. Shortsword
    4. Throwing Knives
    5. Staff
    6. Longsword
    7. Club
    8. Axe
    9. Slingshot
    10. Mace

    Choose One Person to Be the Ringbearer (or roll; if you roll a 10, everyone shares the ring equally)

    Choose One Person to be the leader of the Fellowship (cannot be the Ringbearer; if everyone is sharing, the leader cannot have any share of the ring)

    Roll to see if each individual survives the trek to Mordor
    1-4: Yes
    5-7: Yes, but something has happened to them physically (i.e. lost a finger, took an arrow to the knee, etc.)
    8-9: No, but they do survive (give details, like they got married, too injured to continue, etc.)
    10: No, they are incapacitated at some point (you can choose to give details; i.e. lost life in battle, fell off a cliff and couldn't swim, etc.)

    You can decide if any of them get married, have children, etc. You can include pictures or any other details (i.e. weapon name, etc.)!

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    Odysseus the Jubilant, Istari
    -Brown hair & Black eyes
    -Uses throwing knives
    -Survives the trek, but loses an eyes
    Ryker, son of Teige, Man
    -Red hair & Brown eyes
    -Uses a mace
    -Survives the trek, but had broken ribs
    Ranger, son of Bhreac, Man
    -Black hair & Black eyes
    -Uses a shortsword
    -Survives the trek
    Seraphina, daughter of Keliah, Woman
    -Blonde hair & Brown eyes
    -Uses an axe
    -Survives the trek, but loses the tips of 3 fingers
    Linden Featherflint, Hobbit
    -Black hair & Blue eyes
    -Uses a bow and arrows
    -Survives the trek
    Reed Springwren, Hobbit
    -Brown hair & Brown eyes
    -Uses a hammer
    -Does not survive the trek, because he was too injured to continue after a battle, so he stayed behind in a small town to heal, then headed back home
    Poppy Harborisle, Hobbit
    -Blonde hair & Green eyes
    -Uses a longsword
    -Survives the trek
    Mercury, son of Farin, Dwarf
    -Brown hair & Brown eyes
    -Uses a club
    -Survives the trek, but loses a hand
    Sapphira, daughter of Borin, Dwarf
    -Blonde hair & Blue eyes
    -Uses throwing knives
    -Survives the trek

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    Roll for the ring that is to be taken to Mordor.

    Maisie Araminta, Daughter of Honor Palebelle - Woman, Silver hair, Grey eyes, Shortsword, Injured in Rohan
    Leo Field Mesadune - Male Hobbit, Brown hair, Green eyes, Club, Survived to Mordor
    Iris Calla Feathervalley - Female Hobbit, Brown hair, Violet eyes, Bow & Arrows, Injured in Rohan
    Layla Imogen, Daughter of Inis Duskyfruit - Woman, Red hair, Brown eyes, Longsword, Survived to Mordor
    Emrys Octavian the Beige - Wizard, Brown hair, Brown eyes, Slingshot, Survived to Mordor but injured by a dragon
    Tristan Osias the Topaz - Wizard, Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Club, Injured in Gondor
    Cove Orion Deltafox - Male Hobbit, Red hair, Brown eyes, Club, Ringbearer, Survived to Mordor
    Linnea Xochitl Yarrowshale - Female Hobbit, Black hair, Grey eyes, Throwing Knives, Survived to Mordor but injured by an arrow
    Wilder Buck, Son of Cori Copperthaw - Man, Black hair, Green eyes, Longsword, Leader of the Fellowship, Survived to Mordor but injured by a sword
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    Linden Rivertide
    Male hobbit with silver hair & black eyes
    Prefers fighting with a hammer
    Does not reach Mordor because he is badly injured in battle and remains behind with the Elves to be treated

    Clover Elmvale
    Female hobbit with blonde hair & brown eyes
    Prefers fighting with a staff
    Does not reach Mordor because she falls in love with a dwarf on the way and stays behind to marry him

    Rose Oakforest
    Female hobbit with brown hair & blue eyes
    Prefers fighting with a slingshot
    She survives the journey to Mordor

    Roan Oakforest
    Male hobbit with brown hair & grey eyes
    Prefers fighting with a slingshot
    He survives the journey to Mordor

    Ivy Briarstone
    Female hobbit with red hair & blue eyes
    Prefers fighting with a bow & arrows
    She survives the journey to Mordor but is weak during the final leagues because she has taken a goblin arrow in the shoulder

    Abraxas the Tawny
    Istari with brown hair & black eyes
    Prefers fighting with a mace
    Does not reach Mordor because he needed elsewhere and rides off to help fight another great battle

    Catriona, daughter of Willow
    Woman with brown hair & green eyes
    Prefers fighting with a bow & arrows
    She survives the journey to Mordor but her back and arms are covered with scars from torture by enemies of the Fellowship

    Wolf, son of Llyn
    Man with grey hair & violet eyes
    Prefers fighting with a shortsword
    He does not reach Mordor because he was severely injured in battle and remains with a band of travellers to be treated, and becomes their leader

    Talon, son of Robroy
    Man with black hair & green eyes
    LEADER of the Fellowship
    Prefers fighting with an axe
    He survives the journey to Mordor

    The ring is shared equally amongst the fellowship.
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    Cobalt, son of Narvi, Dwarf
    -black hair, brown eyes
    -survived to Mordor

    Evander, son of Xanthe, Man
    -red hair, green eyes
    -survived to Mordor

    Oceanus son of Dís, Dwarf
    -brown hair, brown eyes
    -survives trek, but loses an ear

    Flint the Stealthy, Dwarf
    -brown hair, green eyes
    -bow and arrows
    -survives trek, injured by sword

    Iridot, daughter of Thrór, Dwarf
    -black hair, brown eyes
    -bow and arrows
    -survived to Mordor

    Orion Dunestone, Hobbit
    -red hair, blue eyes
    -killed in battle

    Amaryllis Feathercricket, Hobbit
    -brown hair, green eyes
    -survives trek, loses two fingers

    Helios the Dark, Elf
    -brown hair, blue eyes
    -survives trek, but took an arrow the the shoulder

    Amarantha the Vibrant, Istaria
    -silver hair, black eyes
    -survived to Mordor
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