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    I think it is pretty cool. I know a girl who is BBB. We laugh at it but its not a problem. You would get some frowns though.

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    I think MMM are fun initials! I think the alliterative first letter works in this case, because the rest of each name differs significantly in sound.

    I imagine: Mairead Matilda McArthur. I think it works.

    However...if it bothers you, keep looking!

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    I personally wouldn't unless they were my absolute favourite names ever, but I think it could work and wouldn't mind seeing it on someone else. The author of Gone With the Wind had MMM initials (with both her maiden and married name)- Margaret Munnerlyn Mitchell, married name Marsh- though she didn't use her middle. Your daughter doesn't have to use the middle if she didn't want to- I know many people who don't and when I give mine it's usually optional. And Mairead Matilda is beautiful. I also like Mairead Scarlett as a PP suggested, or Mairead Juliet.

    But is it really the end of the world if your daughter and niece share a middle? Some would be totally against it, but some wouldn't mind at all- ask your niece's parents if they would. My sister and cousin have the same middle name (albeit spelled differently) and I'm not sure if anyone even remembers except me- and only because I'm interested in names.
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    I think the 3 M's are kinda fun.
    I would do it

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    Oh, I kind of like it actually.

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