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    So sorry...I hope you feel better soon, you are in my thoughts. And I am absolutely sure you will have a lot of wonderful babies soon! Huge hugs your way!

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    You're in my prayers! Lean on God

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    I'm so sorry... miscarriages suck. I just went through a miscarriage about 5 weeks ago (my first pregnancy... which seems especially cruel), when I was 6.5 weeks pregnant. It's rough, to say the least. My husband wasn't very supportive after it happened, and other people decided to make crazy insensitive comments... like "Well, at least it happened early", or "It's probably for the better, as the baby would've been deformed." Needless to say, the most important thing I learned is to take time to yourself, and feel free to take time off from other people if you need to. Open up to close friends if you want, and be patient with anyone who might not be able to understand (this is the most difficult for me... amazing how many mothers don't even understand the basics of what a miscarriage is). You lost your baby, and you need to mourn. It's natural... it's your baby, and no longer how much time passes, you'll never forget your child... But take the time you need to mourn. Pamper yourself, and do whatever helps you recover. Sending you hugs!
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    We're sorry to hear about your loss and hope you are finding some solace here and with each other and your friends and family.
    Pam Satran

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