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    falling out of love :/ suggestions?

    Since i put my favorite names in my signature i see them a lot more...and I'm staring to fall out of love with Florence. And Rosamund to a lesser extent.

    The other names seem much more lighthearted, and Florence and Rosamund seem so serious I'm comparison. Even Flora and Rose seem stuffy compared to the other nicknames.

    Are there names similar in feel to Imogen, Clementine, and Artemis?

    I feel like a different middle could redeem Rosamund for me, but i can't think of what middle that might be.

    Any suggestions?
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    Aw I think if Rose is too serious, Rosie is so sweet and not stuffy at all. A nice playful middle might make her feel less uptight too - something like India maybe?

    I'm with you on Florence though, not my fave.
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    I love Florence and Rosamund. But I understand exactly where your coming from, I'm so fickle when it comes to names (especially girls) and I'll try to suggest some names that are similar to the equally gorgeous Imogen, Clementine, and Artemis.
    Yvaine - 'Imogen, Clementine, Artemis, and Yvaine'
    Scarlett - 'Imogen, Clementine, Artemis, and Scarlett'
    Penelope 'Imogen, Clementine, Artemis, and Penelope'
    Leona - 'Imogen, Clementine, Artemis, and Leona'
    Willa - 'Imogen, Clementine, Artemis, and Willa'
    Thora - 'Imogen, Clementine, Artemis, and Thora'
    Genevieve - 'Imogen, Clementine, Artemis, and Genevieve'
    Orlaith - 'Imogen, Clementine, Artemis, and Orlaith'
    Paloma - 'Imogen, Clementine, Artemis, and Paloma'
    Persephone - 'Imogen, Clementine, Artemis, and Persephone'

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    I think the middles, Juliet and Coraline, work much better with Imogen, Artemis and Clementine. Juliet Florence or Juliet Flora and Coraline Rosamund or Coraline Rose perhaps?
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