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    A gift for my cousin

    Hi all, just wanting some advice.

    My 7 year-old cousin is going into hospital in October to have an operation on her eyes. I know she is a bit scared and I wanted to get a her a gift. I especially want to do this as she is the second of five kids and often feels left out as she isn't the oldest or one of the babies.

    I plan to get her a cheap MP3 player and load it with music and stories so that she can listen to them while she is in hospital. I have plenty of music ideas but am stuck for stories. I have a few ideas but would like some more. She isn't particularly girly but not an all out tomboy either.

    The stories need to be relatively short as they will be on an MP3 play and also available in audiobook format: MP3, wav, acc etc
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    What sort of stories does she read/enjoy being read at the minute? I'd avoid anything aimed past her reading age - more for themes than anything else, if she's going to be away from her family and worried I wouldn't do anything with a story that may scare her even more.

    I don't know what children's audiobooks are available - I was never into them - but the 7 year olds I know are into Horrid Henry and the Rainbow Fairies books - if either of them are on audiobook she might enjoy them. Also Jacqueline Wilson's books are quite good, but I'd be careful with the themes of some of them as there are a few of her books that are quite mature. Trying to think of what I read at that age, Enid Blyton's Secret Seven might have audiobooks, and Dick King Smith does a load of animal-related stories that she might like if she's into animals.

    I know my local library has a children's audiobook section though so if yours does you could rent out the CDs to transfer onto the MP3 player without having to pay for them.

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    When I was that age I enjoyed The Babysitter's Little Sister books.

    She might also like some like Charlotte's Web, Alice In Wonderland, Horrible Harry, or The American Girl Doll Books.
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