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    I think that everyone likes to know what peoples opinions are on their favorite names, whether it changes our opinion or not! Its just fun.
    The titles pretty self explanatory I think.

    Just rate the signature of the person before you!
    Okay go!

    Aurora Juliette "Rory" ○Geneva Irene "Neva" ○Alessia Rowan "Sia"
    Considering: Raven WillaRowan Willa "Roe"

    ○Sebastian Michael "Bash" ○Lincoln Dean "Link" ○Judah Elliot "Jude" ○ Torin Bennet "Torr" ○Caspian Emmanuel "Cas"
    GP Boys: Bellamy ○Auberon ○Forrest
    Considering: Remington Wallace "Remy" ○ Rennon Wallace "Ren"

    Honor names are Italic

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    I've got loads of names in my signature so don't feel obliged to say something about them all!

    Stevie, you have some amazing names here!
    Adelaide Faith- 7/10 I like it, though I think it seems a little "tame" in comparison to your other names
    Hadassah May- 8/10 Hadassah is gorgeous (though a little hard to pull off if you're not Jewish)
    Arabella Spencer- 6/10 I can see the appeal of Arabella but I can't shake the "stuck up" associations. I've never been especially keen on Spencer but it does work very well as a middle here to balance the slightly fussy Arabella
    Raven Elizabeth- 5/10 I love Elizabeth despite it's popularity but Raven's just not my style (though I think it's much, much better as Raven than Raveynn)
    Arden Rose- 10/10 I adore this! Arden is just a beautiful name!
    Aurora Belle- 6/10 It's very pretty but I would worry slightly too Disney princess
    Thessalonica Layne- 5/10 This seems more like a gp, Thessalonica isn't unattractive but it would be a very hard name to carry
    Abrial Evangeline- 6/10 Abrial is not my style but Evangeline is lovely
    Lux Seraphina-10/10 This is beautiful! I love Lux and it sounds excellent with Seraphina
    Athena Brielle- 8/10 Athena's pretty, I'm not fussed on Brielle but they do sound good together

    Bellamy Knox- 5/10 It's not awful, but I find it hard to picture Bellamy on a boy, I much prefer Knox
    Finnegan Ross- 8/10 This is a very handsome combination and Finn is a cute potential nickname
    Jensen Ray- 8/10 Love it! Jensen is very handsome
    Liam Alexander- 7/10 It's nice but seems a little bland in comparison to your other names
    Amiel Hudson- 8/10 I've not heard of Amiel before but it's got a lovely sound and Hudson is a great middle name
    Roman Kaige- 7/10 I quite like Roman, though I prefer Ronan, and Kaige is a cool middle
    I'm Annie. Not currently TTC, just getting a headstart on trying to combine four cultures and two families into beautiful names!

    My future daughters: Myrna Pamela, Beatrix Órlaith "Betty", Rosemarie Saoirse "Romy", Mathilda Róisín "Hildy", Constance Dearbhla "Connie", Margaretha Méabh "Greta", Susanna Aoibhínn "Zuzu", Dorothy Maureen "Dottie"

    My future sons: Léopold Mervyn "Léo", Édouard Horatio "Ned", Dashiell Colm "Dash", Augustin/Gustave Cary "Gus", Arthur/Ardal Clément "Ari"

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    Myrna Beatrix - 6/10 I love Beatrix! but I'm not really a fan of Myrna.
    Nora Blythe - 7/10 It's fine for someone else, but I don't think I'd use it, but I like it for someone else.
    Virginia Sigrid - 7/10 Not a fan of Virginia but Sigrid is beautiful! I've never heard it before but its Beautiful and I love the meaning! And I love the meanings of both names!
    Cecelia Rosalind - I LOVE Cecelia especially the NN's Cece and Celia! And Rosalind is SO Pretty!
    Eira Lux - 9/10 This is a BEAUTIFUL name! I love Lux!
    Rosemarie Emmaline - 10/10 I love this name! and the NN "Romy" is lovely!
    Tabitha Fearne - 10/10 LOVE IT!

    Casper Jacoby- 10/10 I love it! and the NN Cas is AMAZING!
    Patrick Mervyn - 6/10 Love the name patrick! I'm not really a fan of Mervyn, But I think the two work well together!
    Henry Augustine - 9/10 I really like this combination! I'm not the biggest fan of Henry but I think the two names together really work well!
    Girls • Verity Love • Ebony Noelle • Amity Joy • Annabell Grace "Anna Grace" • Aspen Elizabeth "Penna" •
    Boys • Declan James "Dex" • Sebastian Ryder "Bash" • Kian Thomas • Ronan Michael "Roe" • Sawyer Ellis •

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    Verity Love - 4/10. I absolutely adore the middle name Love, not a fan of Verity.
    Ebony Noelle - 5/10 Love Noelle, dislike Ebony.
    Amity Joy - 4/10 Amity is ok, Joy is cute.
    Annabell Grace "Anna Grace" - 6/10 i like Annabell but prefer the spelling Annabelle. Grace is cute, but highly overused. and i very much dislike "anna"
    Aspen Elizabeth "Penna" - 9/10 Aspen is in my top 4, but spelt Aspyn. Elizabeth is a beautiful classic. but i don't like the nickname.

    Declan James "Dex" - 9/10 love both Declan & James, and "Dex" is pretty cute!
    Sebastian Ryder "Bash" - 8/10 I like Sebastian, but its not my favourite. I love Ryder!
    Kian Thomas - 7/10 I love Kian, but I'm not a fan of Thomas.
    Ronan Michael "Roe" - 6/10 I really like Ronan, and Michael is ok. "Roe" is a very cute nickname!
    Sawyer Ellis - 6/10 LOVE Sawyer, hate Ellis.
    Cameron Alexander // Leo Dale // Ashton Reid


    Mckenna Skye // Lakelyn Elena // Shelby Claire

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    Ok so I'm from the UK so my naming styles are pretty different. I'll try to think about these on whether I like them and not whether I'd use them.
    Dale Jared Alexander - 7/10 I love Alexander and I think Jared is pretty cute, not too keen on Dale though
    Kohen Spencer Reid - 5/10 I like Kohen but Spencer and Reid are not at all my style
    Cameron Julian Hayes - 9/10 I love Cameron and Julian but I don't really like Hayes
    Jonah Tyler James - 10/10 I love the nice flow it has to it and all three names are super cute! Well Done!

    Lakelyn Elena Skye - 8/10 I love love love Elena and Skye but I am not at all keen on Lakelyn
    Aspyn Everlee Mae - 6/10 Sorry, but I really don't like Aspyn (or Aspen), Everlee is cute and Mae is a lovely middle name
    Oaklee Nekoda Rae - 3/10 Sorry but I can't get my head round this name. The three points are for Rae which is lovely but Oaklee and Nekoda just do not work at all!
    Tatum Alysha Hadley - 7/10 I like Tatum but I don't love it like I love Alysha. Hadley would be more except for the fact that in the UK it is a boys name so that has influenced my decision slightly. But for a non-UK name 10/10.

    I think a beautiful sibset would be Jonah James, Elena Skye, Everlee Mae and Kohen Alexander
    Evie, Isabelle (Issie), Charlotte (Lottie), Sophie, Lillie, Madison (Maddie), Alice

    Charlie, George, Oliver, Oscar, Noah, Harvey, Finlay (Finn)

    Evie Rose, Noah James, Oscar Thomas, Charlotte "Lottie" Mia, Sophie Flora, Isabelle "Issie" Mae, Charlie Max

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