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    Jul 2013
    Angelina Marie Thomas
    Beckett William Thomas

    Birth #1
    Twin Boys:
    Jude Wills & Liam Bay

    Birth #2
    Logan Tucker

    Birth #3
    Olivia Kylie

    Birth #4
    Bailey Julia

    Birth #5
    Twin Girls
    Sophia Kate & Paige Ever

    6 dogs
    Yorkie: Jasmine
    Beagle: Owen
    Pug: Noodles
    Collie: Ella
    Maltese: Ariel
    Golden Retriever: Max
    xoxo Sam
    (Current faves: Leighton, Serena, Cassidy, Callahan, Logan, Tucker, Hunter, Sawyer)

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    Sep 2013
    Northern Germany

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    Jan 2013
    Midwest, USA
    LN: Quinn
    DW: Amelia Grace
    DH: Liam Christopher

    Birth #1: Rolled 6 twice so I have boy/girl twins with the FN or MN being a color/nature name
    DD: Willow Evelyn
    DS: Foster Grey

    Birth #2: A boy with a FN and MN that are both 5-6 letters
    DS: Conner Silas

    Birth #3: A boy named using M, N, and O
    DS: Madden Owen

    Birth #4: A girl with the FN or MN being a favorite name from childhood
    DD: Noelle Amaris

    Birth #5: A boy with a FN ending in a vowel
    DS: Jude Harrison

    Pets: We have 4 pets
    Cat named after a cartoon: Belle
    Dog ending in y or n: Minion
    Dog named after food or brand: Burger
    Cat starting with a vowel: Iris
    - Favorites -
    Briar . Ginevra . Hallie . Hazel . Lilia . Lilith . Lorelei . Noelle . Willow . Winter
    Cian . Ciaran . Elias . Evren . Ezra . Foster . Grey . Rowan . Torin

    - Mommy to Foster Grey born May 24, 2015 & Winter Lorelei due February 28, 2018 -

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    Jan 2013
    Ln: Malloy

    Dw: Freya "Rey" Dove
    Dh: Micheal Matteo

    Ds: Silas Wolf
    Ds/Ds: Arkady Raul and Aurelio Callum
    Dd: Dymphna Genevieve Winona
    Ds: Jacobi Ray
    Ds/Dd: Gabriel Race and Rosalie Belle
    Hamster: Minnie
    Dog: Daisy
    Cat: Lemon
    Rabbit: Arty
    Hamster 2: Mickey

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    Jul 2012
    LN: Mortmain

    DW: Cecily Rose Mortmain
    DH: Aron James Mortmain

    DD1: Circe Avery Mortmain
    DS1: Cato Aurelius Mortmain
    DD2: Clover Arria Mortmain
    DS2: Curan Alexander Mortmain
    DD3/DD4: Cleo Amaris Mortmain / Cara Ambrosia Mortmain

    Cat: Kuki Sanban (Kid's next door)
    Horse: Caspian
    Horse: Armani

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