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    Dec 2013
    Theodore and Tasha Ulmer
    1st DD's Timothea Saffron and Tallulah Clove
    2nd DD Tansy Citrine
    3rd DS Jasper Klaus Leo
    4th DS George Timothy Yves
    5th DS's Gawain Moor Frederick and Jonathan Dale Cleveland
    Dog named Bruno; cat named Snooky
    Mommy to
    Travis Nevin
    Angus Loudon "Gus"
    *Dagny Gertrude* *Florence Imogen* *Ada Katherine "Ada Kate"* *Tessa Pearl* *Amity Geneva* *Ursula Bryony*
    *Jethro Daniel "Jed"/"Jet"* *Harvey Blaise* *Jeremy Vincent "Jem"* *Laszlo Ozias "Lo"* *Leif (LAYf) Matthew "Lem"* *Chester William "Chet"*

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    Dec 2009
    LN: Abbott

    DW: Gemma Eve
    DH: Frederick Miles

    Birth #1: Reverie Pearl/Caspian Miles

    Birth #2: Evander Blaise

    Birth #3: Atticus Beau

    Birth #4: Rosalie Piper

    Birth #5: Peregrine Ivor/Leonardo Rex

    Pets: 3 cats called Dexter, Orly and Bean.

    Gemma and Frederick Abbott with Reverie, Caspian, Evander, Atticus, Rosalie, Peregrine and Leonardo.

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    Apr 2014
    London, England
    LN: Robinson

    DW: Cecily May
    DH: Isaac Daniel

    Birth 1: Twin boys
    Oscar Samuel
    Freddie Jacob

    Birth 2: Girl
    Ella Penelope

    Birth 3: Boy
    Phineas 'Finn' Quentin

    Birth 4: Girl
    Vivianna 'Anna' Suzie

    Birth 5: Twin boys
    Levi Harrison
    Theodore 'Theo' Charles

    Number of pets: 1 cat

    The family:
    Cecily and Isaac with Oscar, Freddie, Ella, Finn, Anna, Levi, Theo and Bubbles the cat.

    Lorelai Violet - Louisa Mae - Clara Elizabeth - Verity Jane - Isla Genevieve

    Dashiell Emmett - Theo Lucian - Leo Benjamin - Finley Cassius - Eli Oliver


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    Dec 2013
    LN: Sheridan

    DW: Hayley Ariadne
    DH: Garrett James

    DS: Gabriel Finn
    DD: Keira Blakely
    DD/DD: Gwen Darcy / Gabby Kathryn
    DS: Declan Tyler
    DD: Ava Bird

    2 Dogs, Maggie and Fly
    One hamster named Peanut.
    Florence, med student, writer and name lover.

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    Mar 2017
    Lover of names, quotes, & coffee.

    My Favorites:

    Theo Sullivan | Nathaniel Philip | Rylan Augustus | Sullivan Atlas | Elliott Huxley |
    Holden Grey | Emmett Roman |

    Rowan Elizabeth | Aria Finley | Elizabeth Blair | Madeline Story | Elowen Juliet |
    Brynn Waverly | Vivian Everly | Hadley Vienna |

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