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    I love almost all of these my favorite 3 are Violet Elle, Elle Carter and Ivy Claire


    Clara Lily, Rose Madeleine, Belle (need mn), Tessa Charlotte. Lucy, Emma, Elsa, Maggie, Lena, Lily, Leah, Lila, Ella, Aria, Annabel, Ivy, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Talia
    Seth Alexander, James (need mn), William Samuel. Luke, Caleb, Leo, Liam, Samuel, Jacob.
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    Sawyer, Logan, Ryan and Cody are all boy for me.

    I like:
    Elle Carter
    Violet Elle
    Sally Shae (although I like Sally Larke or Sally Jade better.)
    Reese Carter
    Ivy Claire
    Lucie Rue
    Georgia Liv
    Caia Blanche (I also like Gaia which could work with your style.)
    Lily Frey

    I am not sure how to pronounce Mieke or Laika. I like Daenerys, but I think there will be pronunciation issue with it.

    Good Luck!

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    Violet Elle - lovely, Elle makes classic Violet feel more trendy - in a good way
    Lucie Rue - spell Lucy correctly dont force SPELLING & PRONUNCIATION PROBLEMS HER ENTIRE LIFE, they arent worth YOU feeling good that you found a 'different spelling'
    Georgia Liv - prefer Georgiana so there is distinction from the state and gives a lil femininity as well as leeway for other nicknames
    Brooklyn Jade - both names are dated and overdone
    Ivy Claire - lovely
    Mieke Larke - spelling & pronunciation errors her whole life
    Caia Blanche - just ok
    Daenerys Clarice - Game of Thrones names will be dated in 5-10 years, dont make a child live with a time capsule around their neck or live with spelling and pronunciation problems her entire life
    Sally Shae - too much alliteration, would prefer to have the less dated Shay as a first name (and with correct spelling so i dont have to correct people my entire life)
    Elle Carter - ok
    Ryan Shae - boy, completely, dont do this to a girl
    Reese Carter - way to TRENDY
    Laika Charlotte - Lay-ka? not the prettiest sound
    Sawyer Blanche - way too TRENDY
    Logan Jade - boy, completely, AGAIN. dont do this to a girl
    Livie Elle - go with Olivia - dont make a grown woman have no choice but be called a kids nickname her entire life - give her some OPTIONS
    Lily Frey - frey makes me think of fried fighting
    Cody Elle - a boy, completely...AGAIN
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