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    Last Suggestions ?

    So I believe I have a name, its in trial but in the mean time I wanted to come to the experts for last minute suggestions. Everyone has been so nice & helpful so far & your taste is quite unique - so thank you

    A word about the greatest miracle in my life. .

    She happend unexpectedly in a rapid change of events, which then lead to her birth on my Grandmothers birthday. A day I held dear to me before which gives me more reason to never forget it now . I feel like she was meant to be here & everything in my life led me to that moment so my Grandmother could send me the greatest gift she had.

    She has eyes brighter than the crystal blue clear ocean. So huge that as she stares she feels like she can see right into your soul. She is a image of her mother from her lovely perfect smile with heart shadowed lips to her matching birth marks. Her hair is so fair you could barely see the tiny blonde strands in the sun.

    Never does she cry, easily pleased and more so content, I could not have asked for a happier baby. She laughs at her doggies & giggles for kisses. She is eager to learn, focused and determined. If I sing it is always a duet as she loves to micic my every move.

    Somewhat fiesty, she knows what she wants and she is not afraid to tell you. Trying to be a big girl she wants to be with you just not to be cradled. She loves to sit, to stand & look over your shoulder. None the less she is a true blessing & she is so loved.

    Being a single parent I never want her to doubt her confidence or forget how loved and wanted she is. I want her to know that she has family for any obstacle she will come across. She can be anything she wants, she has the world ahead of her, she is my world. My happiness will derive from her joy.

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    gorgeous description, the one name I thought of that matches the description perfectly in my head is Felicity, "Happiness". However if you already have the perfect name for her don't second guess yourself! What name do you think you have decided on?
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    Your description is stunning . Your daughter is lucky I picture her as an Anastasia .

    Whats its her name ?

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    AWwwwww, so so sweet how we moms try to capture the meaning our bundles of joy give us. There is nothing like it. Nobody can find a name to do it justice, and any name you give will be good by the very fact that it's hers. So, my advice is to pick something that will age well and have a good nickname for when she is a teenager (especially if the middle name is not very usable).

    Right now I am feeling these names:

    I guess it's mostly E names.

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    I second bellerose with Anastasia

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