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Thread: Kipp/Kipper

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    Dislike. Like kippered herring. I know it's not a big thing in America, but that's really not an association i'd want anyone to risk making. At best, it's super waspy, like a Ken doll wearing an ascot.

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    Haha "Ken doll with an ascot". I agree, Kipper is just hard to swallow...but for some reason Kipp isn't so bad. What is wrong with Hudson? I think it is nice and not too familiar.

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    Kipper, Cod, Haddock, Plaice... It's a fish. I think it should stay that way. I've heard Kipper on a dog before though.

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    love it, but it's not usable.

    think fish and of the kids tv show about a dog named Kipper...but Maisie got popular enough that i don't think just of that show never know
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    I like Kip as a nickname for Christopher. How about Kit?
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