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    Lennox....Boy or Girl?

    I like the name Lennox, for a girl. The first time I ever heard the name was on a show and it was used on a girl so now whenever I hear the name I associate it as a girls name. Here on nameberry the name is listed as a boys name only from what I've seen. I'll more than likely never use the name for a future child, I just like it.

    So my question is, do you think of Lennox as a boy or girls name?
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    I see it solely as a boy name, I have never heard it on a girl.

    If you really wanted to use it on a girl I'd be fine if you gave her a cute nickname like Leni / Lenny

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    To me it sounds like a boy's name. Most surname names start as men's names and then switch over. Annie Lennox makes me think that maybe it could be a girl.
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    I've met both a boy and a girl named Lennox. I like it for a boy, but I love it for a girl.
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    Lennox sounds masculine to me so I say boy. The nickname Leni would be cute on a girl though.

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