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    Butter Haven Zoo Workers Round 1

    Inspired by games like Call Center Employees by lilybell8490, this game is about the staff of Butter Haven Zoo.


    Butter Haven Zoo has 6 zookeepers, 2 vets, 4 groundskeepers, 8 concession stand workers, 3 gift shop workers, 2 ticket takers at the front gates, and 1 owner of the zoo; the staff totals at 26 workers.

    Just for the zookeepers, see what animals they take care of (roll the 20 sided die. roll twice for each zookeeper. There will be 8 animals left over. If you have already rolled that animal, roll again.)
    1. Giraffes
    2. Elephants
    3. Tigers
    4. Hippos
    5. Polar Bears
    6. Rodents
    7. Birds
    8. Apes
    9. Reptiles
    10. Fish
    11. Antelope
    12. Camels
    13. Wolves
    14. Lions
    15. Cheetahs
    16. Insects
    17. Zebras
    18. Farm Animals
    19. Bison
    20. Seals

    Now, roll for genders: even is female, odd is male.

    Then, roll a 40 sided die and add that to 20. That is the age of each worker.

    First and middle names (roll twice):
    2. Boys: Winston, Alexander, Ryan, Lancaster, Drew, Liam, Keegan, Argon, Domino, Nik, Lee, Bartholomew, Timmy, Rohan, Jermaine Girls: Sarah, Leah, Kayleigh, Ayla, Reese, Yasmine, Erika, Gerogia, Leia, Jenna, Hannah, Paloma, Therese, Fae
    3. Unisex name
    4. Nature name
    5. Ends in an A
    6. Starts with a B
    7. Contains a D and an E
    8. Older Person Name
    9. (basque, manx, and galician)
    10. (first name of person that is generated)
    11. Girls: ends in -etta. Boys: ends in -son.
    12. Girls: Boys:
    13. Virtue name
    14. Starts with a vowel
    15. Your choice
    16. (their gender and rare names)
    17. Roll again
    18. Contains a z
    19. Contains a w

    Last Names:

    1. Color
    2. Animal
    4. Cliffe, Spout, Luwis, Pupperstin, Adriensen, Locke, Forrestt, Larsendo, Peregrine, Hanhouser, Melancholy, Blaise.
    6. Your choice
    8. (names of cities, not counties)
    9. Asher, Leighton, Busterson, Lawless, Great, Bateman, Cabell, Cordel, Arabasco, Tleen, Gluppie, Io, Winstons, Smithy

    Round 2:
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    Novelist, self proclaimed name enthusiast, and lover of both common and uncommon names.


    Queens: Lisette, Ethel, Sadiah, Romilly, Leanna, Viveca, Joi, Odette, Della, Nathalie, Khalifa

    Kings: Jake, Sampson, Cillian, Malachi, Uriah, Royce, Soren, Kendal, Godfrey

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    Zookeeper of Apes and Zebras: Douglas James Lavagnino, 57

    Zookeeper of Fish and Antelope: Edurne Mary Mandel, 39

    Zookeeper of Polar Bears and Lions: Justice Asa Antoine, 60

    Zookeeper of Bison and Reptiles: Winston Cornell Leighton, 22

    Zookeeper of Birds and Farm Animals: Fawn Lavender Ashtabula, 30

    Zookeeper of Cheetahs and Giraffes: William Dawson Great, 27

    Veterinarian: Anya Melissa Waterbend, 23

    Veterinarian: Jason Dakota Cabell, 26

    Groundskeeper: Bravery Delbert Kesten, 26

    Groundskeeper: Beroan Edwin Mahoney, 23

    Groundskeeper: Hadley Luella Matchersen, 26

    Groundskeeper: Oakley True Busterson, 36

    Concession Stand Worker: John Silas Adriensen, 45

    Concession Stand Worker: Paloma Fae Winstons, 30

    Concession Stand Worker: Matteo Bale Migliassi, 43

    Concession Stand Worker: Eustacia Adora Brightswallow, 39

    Concession Stand Worker: Modesta Akira Fuchsia, 22

    Concession Stand Worker: Otto Elija Strattingham, 29

    Concession Stand Worker: Bryce Azarias Spout, 28

    Concession Stand Worker: Aidan Koda Royalton, 21

    Gift Shop Worker: Curtis Alessandro Caldwell, 34

    Gift Shop Worker: Garbiñe Erlea Blaise, 39

    Gift Shop Worker: Carlotta Hayden Oberlin, 37

    Ticket Taker: Adelphi Tara Cleveland, 28

    Ticket Taker: Corvetta Edith Falcon, 39

    Owner of the Zoo: Raleigh Laurel Stagbrow, 30
    Novelist, self proclaimed name enthusiast, and lover of both common and uncommon names.


    Queens: Lisette, Ethel, Sadiah, Romilly, Leanna, Viveca, Joi, Odette, Della, Nathalie, Khalifa

    Kings: Jake, Sampson, Cillian, Malachi, Uriah, Royce, Soren, Kendal, Godfrey

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    Owner: Ezra Jameson Cabell
    Vets: Annamae Zenia Lawless & Micah Jordan Greene
    Zookeeper of Apes: Henry Joshua Foghelm
    Zookeeper of Wolves: Becca Charlette Wildmore
    Zookeeper of Zebras: Rosetta Beatrice Locke "Rosie"
    Zookeeper of Hippos: Nora Elizabeth Rawlins
    Zookeeper of Rodents: Kenith Edward Spout
    Zookeeper of Tigers: Agatha Violet Hillmark "Aggie"
    Groundskeepers : Adrienne Brianne Cordel, Luka Trust Maxwell, William Daniel Fairfield, Andrew Willard Berea
    Concession Stand Workers: Zoe Delia Winstons, Bennett Delilah Phillips, Devin True Mullen, Lailah Irene Alpenbrook, Zilpah Iris Haney, Jenna Rose Mandrill, Lydea Hyacinth Bateman, Greyson James White
    Gift Shop Workers: Azariah Willow Belpre, Drew Marlys Leighton, Elliott Drake Hanhouser
    Ticket Booth Workers: Zipporah Faith Toade & Eliza Bronwyn Luwis

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    British Columbia
    Keeper of Hippos and Reptiles: Harper Dahlia Cantrell (40)
    Keeper of Lions and Antelopes: Hannah Gray Fairview (37)
    Keeper of Giraffes and Seals: Ryan Leo Smithy (45)
    Keeper of Tigers and Insects: Douglas Benjamin "Doug" Winter (53)
    Keeper of Elephants and Polar Bears: Derek Bennett Cliffe (38)
    Keeper of Camels and Apes: Sage Anthea Leighton (23)
    Veterinarian: Sabela Faith Sivers (40)
    Veterinarian: Julietta Willow Kim (30)
    Concession Stand Worker: Cohen Alexander Brooks (28)
    Concession Stand Worker: Baxter Dorian Qiu (60)
    Concession Stand Worker: Clarity Paloma Reading (43)
    Concession Stand Worker: River Matthias Great (32)
    Concession Stand Worker: Thea Raleigh Dayblade (46)
    Concession Stand Worker: Barry Zachary Spout (50)
    Concession Stand Worker: Edmond Quincy Asher (50)
    Concession Stand Worker: Hope Miren Nightingale (23)
    Gift Shop Worker: Rose Avery Jacob (44)
    Gift Shop Worker: Pearl Beatrice O'Casey (54)
    Gift Shop Worker: Beau Edward De Haven (42)
    Ticket Taker: Gwendolen Ivy "Gwen" Child (49)
    Ticket Taker: William Zane "Will" Montgomery (49)
    Owner: Elowen Delaney Shepherd (30)
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    Far North Queensland
    Owner: Lawrence Ivan Karasik (59)
    Vets: Clara Juniper Winstons (34) and Valor Maurice Locke (28)
    Zookeeper of Farm Animals and Seals: Sibyl Winona Adriensen (28)
    Zookeeper of Insects and Polar Bears: Owen Bayorth Cabell (24)
    Zookeeper of Giraffes and Fish: Georgette Victoria Oswald (25)
    Zookeeper of Birds and Tigers: Cameron Noble Io (21)
    Zookeeper of Wolves and Lions: Oliver Winston Leighton (38)
    Zookeeper of Elephants and Camels: Winifred Oriel Asher (30)
    Groundskeepers: Norman Darryl Willowick (31), Helena Arwen Great (39), Honor Bianca Holmes (45) and Linda Sophia Roan (42)
    Concession Stand Workers: Clemency Bridget Hanhouser (50), Edmund Jonah Campbell (25), Elizabeth Rosa Smithy (37), Frederick Albert Lorain (24), Rohan Ezra Gray (54), Linden Clarence Fogspell (55), Amelia Fern Shelley (52) and Muriel Quincy Watson (28)
    Gift Shop Workers: Ivan Timothy Gilmore (48), Laurette Eva Red (58) and Paloma Fae Grout (31)
    Ticket Booth Workers: Valerie Zenobia Maller (25) and Quentin August Oceanguard (22)
    22. One Direction. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Supernatural. Name lover.

    Young Ladies (Not all): Adelisa, Oriana, Clover, Victoria, Georgina, Amelia, Genevieve, Jemima, Edith, Adelaide, Eleanor, Ottilie, Henrietta, River, Clara, Francesca

    Young Sirs (Not all): Edmund, Rory, Louis, Niall, Frederick, Osmond, Henry, Desmond, William, James, Oliver, Rowan, Wesley, Liam, Zayn, Sherlock, Castiel, George

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