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    Sep 2013

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    Apr 2010
    Rhode Island
    DH: Karl Jonathan Fallon.
    DW: Elisa Victoria Fallon (Nussbaum).

    1. Maurya Rose Fallon.
    2. Ilaria Promise Fallon.
    3. India Faith Fallon.
    4. Isa Hope Fallon.
    5. Irie Joy Fallon.
    6. Merrigan Victoria Fallon.
    7. Nydia Josefine Fallon.
    8. Atarah Frida Fallon.
    9. Bex Emely Fallon.
    10. Elka Anastasia Fallon.
    11. Athalia Sage Fallon.

    Grandmother: Josefine Elise Gries (Calderón).
    Father: Johannes Thom Nussbaum.
    Johannes' Great-Grandmother: Frida Cathleen Struycken (Lehne).
    BFF: Emely Veronique Janus.

    Karl and Elisa.
    Maurya, Ilaria, Indie, Isa, Irie, Merry, Nydia, Ata, Bex, Ellie, & Lia.

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    Jan 2012
    Maurya Josephine
    Brisa Coral
    Lavinia Faith, Imelda Hope, Aster Joy
    Azure Laurel
    Mirin Laurel (my grandmother and I have the same middle name)
    Atarah Jeannine
    Bex Audrey
    Zenada Marilyn
    Morwenna Iris
    Calvin Atticus l Elias Auden l Julian Knox l Owen Matthais l Sebastian Edward l Theo Alexander
    Cora Juniper l Eden Maude l Iris Arabella l Laurel Ruth l Phoebe Linnea l Rose Isabel

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    Jasmine Jana
    potterhead, whovian, gamer, name geek

    irish • brazillian • american

    Amelia ♦ Angelina ♦ Guinevere ♦ Maxine
    Benjamin ♦ Raphael ♦ Francisco ♦ Jasper

    Proud aunt of Robin June (5) & Franklin Zeus (3)

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    May 2015

    Current Favourites for My New Name:
    Seraphina Pearl "Sera" | Georgiana Pearl "Ana" | Felicity Pearl "Ella" | Eleanora Pearl "Ella or Nora" | Anneliese __ "Anna" | Anastasia __ "Ana"

    "My problem is that I fall in love with words, rather than actions. I fall in love with thoughts and ideas, instead of reality, and it will be the death of me."

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