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    Sarah? With Noah, Ella and Joseph?

    I just had my third child, but I still like brainstorming names for a fourth (and final) child. I have always liked Sarah. I am wondering what the berries think of it. I haven't heard of a baby Sarah just older Sarah's. I almost named my daughter Eliana, Samara but there seems to be a strong association with The Ring movie.

    What do think of Sarah as a sibling name to: Noah William, Eliana (Ella) Beatrice, and Joseph Arthur

    What middle names would you pair with it that match the style of William, Beatrice and Arthur?

    Which do you prefer Sarah or Samara?
    Noah William-Joseph Arthur-Ethan James

    Eliana Beatrice***Abigail ***

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    I prefer Samara. Sarah just doesn't feel modern at all. I don't dislike it, just doesn't feel fresh. Samara nn Mara would be really nice, imo!

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    I like Sarah for you! Wonderful classy sibset.

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    I prefer Samara for it's spunky fresh feeling but I agree with mclevine, Sarah would make wonderful classic sibset
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    I've always had such a soft spot for Sarah. Every time we have a baby it's been in my top 5 but I haven't used it yet.
    Favorites for future baby:
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