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    honoring Grandpa

    My husband recently shared that the only man in his family he would consider as a namesake is his Grandpa whose name was Kenneth Hugh. We both distinctly dislike Kenneth, however the meaning of firery appeals. The only other name I know with a similar meaning is Aidan, which I do not favor. Any thoughts. We are thinking of firey in the sense of how fire purifies metal, a strong flame that refines character vs. angry/quick tempered.
    Hugh makes me think of Hughey Dewey and Louie from duck tales.
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    Names we would consider

    Elisabetta, Magdalena, Caralana, Elisende/a, Valencia, Snow

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    Duck Tales was a long time ago, unless Disney had a remake I wasn't aware of I (speaking for just me) wouldn't make an association like that.
    When I think of Hugh I actually think of Hugh Grant or Hugh Laurie (from house)
    I think it is a nice strong masculine name.

    Kenneth means 'born of fire or handsome'. If the you can't find an appealing name meaning 'fire' there's always Beau as a back up plan.

    Congratulations and best of luck in your search!

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    Haha, Hughey, Dewey, and Lewey. I love Hugh, and not once had that crossed my mind! I think more of a rugged Scotsman with a pretty awesome brogue to boot! I do like the variant Hugo more, maybe use that, or use it as a middle? Or even Aidan as a middle?

    This is a HUGE stretch (so probably just ignore it, haha), but I think of the Bible verses about fire refining a person's character, and if your family is Christian, maybe take inspiration from the writer of some of those words? Otherwise, I think Hugh/Hugo (or the PP's suggestion of Beau) is your best bet.

    Good luck!
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    This might sound totally stupid, but my first thought when I read Kenneth Hugh was Keanu. If Grandpa Kenneth doesn't have the same surname as your husband, you might could consider his surname as well. I also like the suggestion of Hugo.

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    I like the name Hugh. You don't see it on a lot of lists, but it is traditional & strong. Good luck!

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