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    I like Eliza off your list but paired with Jane it brings the song Lil' Liza Jane straight into my mind.

    Adeline [like Allison and Alayna]

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    I vote for Lydia Noelle and Elizabeth Jane!!

    2nd choice = Eliza, but I like the full beauty of Elizabeth even more.

    I must confess I partly like this because it reminds me of Jane Austen's famous Bennett girls.

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    Eliza Jane is gorgeous! It is one of my favorite girl's names right now. I also think that Margaret goes very nicely with the name Lydia. Margaret Jane is very pretty.

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    I also vote for Eliza Jane but it is the name of Almanzo's sister in Little House on the Prairie- just so you know!
    "I think that is what life is all about, actually. About children and flowers."

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    Eliza Kate or Eliza Jane would be a great match!
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