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    Mayani or Hermione?

    I am having a daughter this month.

    I thought I had it narrowed down until my husband decided he wanted Hermione on the list.

    And while I understand the hangup some people have with it being connected to Harry Potter, my bigger concern is that I am in the USA and it's such an infrequent name here that some people will never have heard of it at all. Because of it's length, I came up with the Indian Mayani, which can be pronounced the same as the common pronunciation of "mione".

    Which name do you think is easier and more practical, Mayani or Hermione, in terms of a girl growing up in USA? My husband is Indian.

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    By far Hermione !! It such a gorgeous name and i think that after HP people will know how to pronounce . Instead of Mayani which imo is diffilult on pr .

    Good luck and best wishes
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    I think Hermione is extremely familiar now because of the Harry Potter movies. I don't think you'll find that many people who don't know how to pronounce it. You'll probably have more pronunciation problems with Mayani, but I like that it honors your husband's heritage.
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    I think the connection to Harry Potter is both good and bad. On one hand, most people will be able to pronounce it. On the other hand, they will assume you named her after the character.
    I think with Mayani, most people will pronounce it may-AH-nee, which is fine as long as you are OK with that pronunciation. I think it's a pretty name, and I prefer it over Hermione.
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    I prefer Hermione. Definitely.
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